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The first digital farm brings your own farm into your living room. Experience the fascination of agriculture up close - on your own digital farm! 

With you can buy vegetable gardens, vineyards, hop fields, chickens or cows online and take care of your animals and plants. You will then receive your own farm products conveniently delivered by mail to your home.

Our innovative concept allows you to immerse yourself in the world of agriculture at any time and from anywhere. Follow the growth of your crops and make your farm thrive - all in a fun way. And best of all, you can watch your animals and products via webcam from anywhere at any time.

Order your products directly from the farm, benefit from fair prices and short transport routes and support local agriculture at the same time. 

Start your career as a farmer on now!

To the digital farm!

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How does work

Buy your products

You buy the products you want via the website. Some of the products can be put together in a playful way using gamification, such as your own vegetable garden via our configurator.

Sit back and watch

Once you have selected and purchased your products, you will get access to your webcams. From now on you can watch your products at any time. At regular intervals you will receive information from us about how things are going on our farms, how your products or animals are doing, or how you can process the products.

Your products are ready for shipment

As soon as your products are ready for shipment, you will receive a notification from us. Then you will receive them within 24 hours directly by mail to your home. And you can already conjure up something delicious at home with your fresh farm products. En Guete! in the show "Die Höhle der Löwen Schweiz" (The TV Show Shark Tank Switzerland)

What an event! For us personally unforgettable and definitely a highlight in the young history of

Roland Brack and Tobias Reichmuth invest in!

We made it and were able to convince three lions in the show "Die Höhle der Löwen Schweiz"! In the end, we chose the investment of Roland Brack and Tobias Reichmuth, who are enthusiastic about us and our sustainable and digital gardens.

A lot has already happened to us since the show was recorded in March 2022:

Click here for the blog post

A strong support

Since April 2022, we have been working together with the Gärtnerhaus Foundation in Meisterschwanden. With the Gärtnerhaus as a partner, we have found a wonderful collaboration.

The Gärtnerhaus Foundation offers people with mental impairments a living community in gender-mixed, partly decentralized and manageable living spaces. The clients have the opportunity to live under supervision and to work in protected work areas. The team from the gardener's house helps us with planting and maintaining the gardens, harvesting and shipping the packages. We could not imagine a better partner for this work.

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Top Swiss Retail Startup 2022

Wow, we are speechless! On Tuesday 26.04.2022 we have been awarded as "Top Swiss Retail Startup 2022" at the University of St.Gallen.

From a large number of applicants, we competed last Tuesday in the final among the best 8 young companies. We had to present in a 5 minute presentation on stage in front of a high-ranking jury. Afterwards the jury had 10 minutes to ask us questions. We have to admit that we were a bit nervous. After that the best 3 young companies were awarded. When we were called to the 1st place, we became a bit emotional. It is an incredibly nice feeling to be awarded with such a prize.

Here you can find more information about the event and the jury.

Advantages of

Fresh products from the farm delivered directly to your home.

Direct from the farm

At you buy your products directly from the farm. Thus, we guarantee on the one hand short transport routes and on the other hand you get at the same time the freshest products.

Fair payment

Since you buy your products directly from the farmer, he is paid more fairly. Since we exclude the intermediate trade with the direct marketing, we can guarantee a fair remuneration to our producers.

Contribution to climate protection

A regional and seasonal diet reduces your CO2 emissions and protects the environment.

For this we stand


Your taste

You don't like tomatoes? No problem, at you decide what grows in your garden.


The long term is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that sustainable decisions ultimately benefit everyone.

Heart and passion

We see nature as our partner and act according to this principle. What we do, we do out of passion and with heart and soul.


Our motto is: Back to local products from our farmers in Switzerland. We place a high value on regionality when choosing partners, suppliers and service providers.

Mutual respect

For us, sustainability is not just about nature. At, we believe that mutual respect is a win-win for everyone, which is why we have an eye-to-eye relationship with suppliers, employees and, of course, you.

Naturalness means closeness to nature. We supply you with natural vegetables and fruits and are guided by an environmentally conscious way of thinking.


We work transparently and honestly. We inform you about milestones and important news at any time.

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Welcome to brings your own farm into your living room. And this in a digital and playful way. You can create your own farm online at gives you the opportunity to buy your own vegetable garden, vineyard, hop field, chicken or cow and take care of your animals and plants.

With our innovative concept you can dive into the world of agriculture and build your own small empire at any time and from anywhere. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced farmer, you are always welcome at

Using the latest technology and attractive graphics, managing your digital farm becomes a unique experience. Track the growth of your crops, take care of your animals and make sure your farm is thriving. And in the meantime, you can always watch via webcam.

Fulfill your dream of owning your own farm without leaving home.

On you will not only find your own digital farm, but also a practical online store for fresh and healthy food. Order easily and comfortably from home directly from the farm store and support local agriculture. Thanks to short transport routes, the products stay fresh for a long time and you can be sure that they come from sustainable agriculture.

Our online store offers a wide selection of products directly from the farm. We guarantee the highest quality and gentle processing. Whether you have a small or large family, with us you will always find the right offer.

Another advantage of is that the products come directly from the farm, without intermediate trade. This allows us to guarantee short transport routes and protect the environment. At the same time, the farmer is paid fairly, since the intermediate trade is eliminated and he can sell directly to the end customer. Thus, with every purchase you also support local agriculture and contribute to a sustainable economy.

We at attach great importance to transparency and sustainability. That's why we only work with farmers who work sustainably and ecologically and can guarantee us their products of the highest quality. So you can be sure that you will always get fresh and healthy products from the region.

Take the chance now to try your hand as a farmer on and experience the fascination of agriculture first hand. Order your products directly from the farm and benefit from short transport routes, fair prices and the highest quality.

So what are you waiting for? Start your career as a farmer now on - the first digital farm!