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Healthy and sustainable living with MyFeld! Our blog is all about vegetables, sustainability and cooking - informative, entertaining and environmentally conscious.

In addition to informative facts about vegetable varieties and fine recipes with seasonal ingredients, we also regularly publish news from our gardens here. You'll get tips on how to make the world a more sustainable place with your life and learn how to create delicious dishes from healthy vegetables. 

What is direct marketing?

In agriculture, there are many customers who buy and process the farmers' products. These buyers are usually wholesalers or retailers such as supermarkets or butchers. However, their purchasing convenience becomes expensive for the farmers and leads to high price pressure. However, there is an alternative: direct marketing. With this, the product is sold directly [...]

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Littering, the careless throwing away of waste, is not only annoying for the owners of roads or municipal workers who have to pick up the trash again, but also dangerous for animals on agricultural land. Here, forage crops are often grown, which can become contaminated with discarded aluminum cans, plastic bottles, nails and wire parts. These parts are crushed during mowing and end up [...]

Learn more in the show "Die Höhle der Löwen Schweiz" (The Lion's Den Switzerland)

What an event! For us personally unforgettable and definitely a highlight in the young history of Roland Brack and Tobias Reichmuth invest in! We made it and were able to convince three lions in the show "Die Höhle der Löwen Schweiz"! In the end, we chose the investment of Roland Brack and [...]

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TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award (public voting)

Every year, the TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award presents the 100 most innovative and promising Swiss startups. Public voting is open and ends on July 17, 2022. You can vote for us here: Click on the golden button "Vote now" at the very top of the page. Thank you for your support!

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Top Swiss Retail Startup 2022

Wow, we are speechless! On Tuesday 26.04.2022 we have been awarded as "Top Swiss Retail Startup 2022" at the University of St.Gallen. From a large number of applicants, we competed last Tuesday for the final among the best 8 young companies. We had to present in a 5 minute presentation on stage in front of a high-ranking jury. After that [...]

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Now it's official; We are proud and happy to announce that from today we are supporters of #wirsindzukunft! #WIRSINDZUKUNFT for a climate efficient and environmentally conscious Switzerland. The campaign #WIRSINDZUKUNFT is already in its third year of activating the Swiss* to more sustainability, energy efficiency and climate protection in everyday life. With renowned partners from the private sector, the support of SwissEnergy [...]

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Älplermagronen - how the potato came to Switzerland

The potato has had a long journey. It first came to Europe from faraway South America, but it took time before it landed in Switzerland.

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Recipe for summer: radish soup with zing

Radish - the pink bundle of energy is not to be underestimated! Today we present a special recipe. We often know the small, sharp tubers only as a decoration on the leaf salad, but in many places people already know that the radish not only looks and tastes delicious, but there is much more in it. But where does the radish actually come from? [...]

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Gardening on the windowsill: chilies and sprouts

Thanks to MyFeld, even people from cities without a garden can eat their own vegetables. But to help our online gardeners exercise their green thumbs, we've put together a little guide to gardening on the windowsill. Window sills are the perfect place to start your first steps as an urban gardener. After all, they're in every home - and [...]

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With 7 tips more sustainable through everyday life

How can you live more environmentally conscious without having to give up everything? Even small changes can help protect the environment. We have put together seven tips for more sustainability in everyday life. It's often the little things that can make everyday life more sustainable. You don't have to do everything right - many small steps by many people [...]

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Delicious recipes with parsnips

For a long time parsnips were forgotten in our latitudes. Yet the vegetable, which is similar to carrots, tastes great and fits into many winter dishes. The first rays of sunshine are here and spring is just around the corner. But even though nature is coming back to life, many vegetables are not yet in season. Nevertheless, we do not have to do without fine and [...]

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As a start-up, we can design radically new solutions

Food consumption is undergoing a major transformation. More and more customers are paying attention to sustainability and regionality when shopping. "Back to products from local farmers," is the goal of founder and CEO Raphaell Schär. He believes startups play an important role in this. Food consumption is changing. Where are you seeing the upheaval? [...]

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