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What is the cost of shipping the crop?

From now on (winter season 2022) the delivery costs are included in the price. Thus, you pay only the subscription or the season price listed on the home page.

Are the vegetables BIO?

At you have the choice between conventionally grown and organic vegetables. The cuttings and seeds used are organic in both variants.

In the variant BIO vegetables we strictly adhere to an organic cultivation. We do NOT use any chemicals! Our fields are prepared with a natural green manure. If it is necessary for weather reasons, we use biological means.

What do I get for my subscription amount at

You pay CHF 39.50 per week for your own organic vegetables at With your own garden at you get about 20% more yield compared to buying in the supermarket. We have prepared a sample calculation for you on our homepage in the lower part of the page. Have a look there.

Are the seeds included in the monthly price?

Yes, you have no additional costs besides the subscription or seasonal price. Seeds, maintenance, harvesting and shipping - with everything is included.

Do I actually have my own garden or are all vegetables grown separately in one place?

We plant the individual square meters classically in pure strips. However, the individual square meters are divided within these lanes. This has the advantage that we can greatly reduce the risk of failure and we have fewer pests in our fields.

On the other hand, it would also be very inefficient if we planted the many gardens separately and this would double or triple the price.

Can I interrupt the delivery when I am absent?

Yes, of course it is possible. Just send us a message to and we will interrupt your deliveries if you are absent. You also have the option to have your deliveries sent to another address.

How many varieties fit in the field at the same time?

The maximum number of vegetables that can fit in your garden is 16 different varieties. However, it is very crucial what you plant. For example, potatoes and carrots need more space than herbs.

How long do the seasons last at

At you buy 1 season at a time. The seasons last either from April - September (summer season) or from October - March (winter season). The number of deliveries varies depending on how you plant your own garden.

Example: if you plant your garden with "only" 3 varieties of vegetables, you will usually receive fewer deliveries than if you plant your garden with the maximum number of different varieties.

How does it work with the payment at

At you have the choice between two different payment options. With the "one-time payment", you pay your purchased season once. With the "weekly payment", you pay your purchased season in one installment. With the "weekly payment" we will invoice you monthly.

When will I receive my first delivery from

It all depends on what varieties you plant your own garden. Some varieties ripen very quickly, while others need a little more time.

Example: If you select for your garden, for example, lettuce or radishes, you will receive your first delivery relatively quickly after the season begins, because these varieties grow very quickly.

Where does deliver to? delivers throughout Switzerland, as well as to the Principality of Liechtenstein.