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About us

We build the digital bridge between consumers and our domestic agriculture

We at believe that products directly from the farm should not be a luxury. Therefore, we want to make it possible for those people who would like to get fresh products from the farm, but have neither the time, nor the possibility for a purchase on the farm.

Vision is a good alternative to mass consumption and overconsumption of food. On our digitally controlled and analog farm, everyone has the opportunity to obtain fresh food. wants to give consumers more understanding of seasonality and regionality again and thus create awareness for a sustainable approach to food.


Not everyone has the opportunity, knowledge or time to produce their own food. Also, it is not feasible for everyone to get fresh produce directly from the farmer. Therefore, our mission is to make it as easy as possible for you to get fresh produce directly from our local farms; and to do it in a fun way. Our processes are digitalized and therefore we can pay our partners fairly. A large part of our income goes directly to the producer, since we work without an intermediate trade, unlike traditional traders.

The founders


Sarah has built up with a lot of heart and work since its foundation in 2020 and develops our company a bit further every day. So you are exactly in the right place with Sarah when it comes to facts and figures. She always has the figures and the development of firmly under control and in view. As a business psychologist with many years of experience in project management, she knows exactly how to move a company forward and optimize it.

Her heart beats for plants and animals. With Jamie, her giant schnauzer mongrel, she likes to spend time in nature. But she also likes it wild; her passion for kitesurfing takes her to faraway places every now and then.


Raphaell is the initiator of As a trained cook and studied software developer he is our IT and marketing guru. With his experience in different positions in large and small companies, he is also, like Sarah, broadly positioned with know-how. As a trained chef, however, his passion is still food. He attaches great importance to fresh and fairly produced products from local agriculture.

Raphaell has known Sarah for many years. He shares with her not only the joy of kitesurfing, but also that of animals. With his dog Mila, Jamie's sister, he likes to spend time in nature during extensive walks.

Mila & Jamie would probably be a lot more boring without the two young dogs of our founders Sarah and Raphaell. As Chief of Happiness they bring good mood to the whole team of every day. The obnoxious doggy eyes are 100% under control of both of them. And so they are also spoiled every now and then with one or the other treat.

By the way, both love fresh carrots straight from the ground.

The idea

The seed was planted

The idea for came to Raphaell in the summer of 2019 in front of the TV. A similar concept was presented in Austria in a feature. At that time, there was no concept in Switzerland where you could digitally plant your garden in a playful way and then actually get a real harvest.

There is a lot of waste in agriculture; as soon as vegetables do not meet the standards, they end up in the trash instead of on our plates. That's when Sarah von Aesch and Raphaell Schär thought to themselves - this can't be happening in this day and age! So together they founded the first online garden in Switzerland - is born.

Right from the start, it was clear to them that the potential is greatest with vegetables. However, should not only remain with vegetables. The idea is to digitally depict the entire farm in a playful way and then also get real products, directly from the farm.

Our history

September 2020


MyFeld GmbH is founded by Sarah and Raphaell.

December 2020

Successful start

Already in the first months several 100 online gardens can be sold.

March 2021

Online configurator

The online configurator (the digital heart of MyFeld) was developed and launched.

May 2021


MyFeld's very first gardening season has begun. Several 100 online gardens were planted at farmers.

July 2021

First hurdles

A first stumble marked MyFeld. The weather leaves much to be desired. Continuous rain and many storms really put large parts of the gardens under water.

October 2021

End of season

An eventful first season is over.

December 2021

Investor search

We launched our first round of financing and went looking for investors.

January 2022


We are supporters of the #WIRSINDZUKUNFT campaign, the largest campaign of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy.

February 2022


MyFeld GmbH moves its headquarters to Brugg in the canton of Aargau. We move into our new offices in Technopark Aargau.

March 2022


  • Two new partner farmers have joined us. We now work with 5 farmers and have thus been able to secure our cultivation areas.
  • We were able to find a wonderful partner in the Gärtnerhaus Foundation, which supports us on the farm.
April 2022


Award: 1st place TOP Swiss Retail Startup 2022. We were awarded by the HSG (University of St. Gallen) and a top-class jury as the best startup in Retail 2022.

May 2022

New season, new luck

Here's to a new one! We start the new season with a growth of over 150%. May the weather be on our side this year.

June 2022

Successful financing

We were able to successfully close our first financing round and bring 2 well-known investors on board (or on the field).

September 2022

End of season

Our second season ends. This year we were able to benefit from a very beautiful and weather-friendly summer. We can finish the season with success.

  • At the same time we start our first winter season. From now on you can also plant your garden with winter vegetables.
  • We are now officially a stock corporation. We changed the company's name to a stock corporation in connection with our first round of financing.
October 2022

Appearance on the television show "Die Höhle der Löwen

Wow, what an event. We ventured into the TV show "Die Höhle der Löwen Schweiz" and were able to convince 3 lions at once.
In the end, we chose the investment of Roland Brack and Tobias Reichmuth, who both actively support us as investors.

A strong support

Since April 2022, we have been working together with the Gärtnerhaus Foundation in Meisterschwanden. With the Gärtnerhaus as a partner, we have found a wonderful collaboration.

The Gärtnerhaus Foundation offers people with mental impairments a living community in gender-mixed, partly decentralized and manageable living spaces. The clients have the opportunity to live under supervision and to work in protected work areas. The team from the gardener's house helps us with planting and maintaining the gardens, harvesting and shipping the packages. We could not imagine a better partner for this work.

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